High Camp Collective is an intentionally created experience where comfort zone exploration meets limitless potential.  Where you can rock up how you are, as you are, and be guaranteed to leave an ultimately better you.  We have an all-levels mentality with the simple goal of providing a space that allows you to push your own limits, on your own terms.



MOVEMENT  | we blend movement with nature, spirit, and playfulness. Depending on the dates you attend, you will have the have the option to practice Yoga, calisthenic training, primal movement, and climbing mountains. We believe movement is a cornerstone of health. We move so that everything else flows.

NOURISHMENT | we eat a rainbow of plant-based cuisine here at High Camp. Paleo friendly, gluten free, dairy free, and enzymatically active, we feed the body a diet rich in trace minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients. You will be absolutely astonished by how delicious cleansing can be and will be introduced to the world of superfoods, ayuverda, herbal medicine, and sustainable consumption.

MINDFULNESS | we sprinkle practice of awareness into your daily experience here at High Camp. Mindful sitting, walking, and eating will improve focus, build emotional intelligence, and help to uncover your innate joy.  Meditation courses, intentional journaling and divine breathe work studies will be available to expand and support your movement practices during your stay.

CONNECTION   | we spend time connecting with our bodies, our environment, and ourselves. We share our adventure within a small group and create genuine friendships.  We provide a variety of workshops promoting strong leadership, clear communication and understanding the way our minds function.   An invitation to find one of our hidden hammocks for independent study and reading is encouraged as well.

HEALING |  each day we make choices that affect our brains, our bodies, and our minds. Whether looking at Epigenetics, Neuroplasticity, nutrition, or mindfulness the message is clear, we can promote healing physically & emotionally, and we can help prevent illness.  Restorative healing sessions such as massage, Reiki or a soak in wooden hot tub are all available to move you in a conscious direction of healing.